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Eligibility for Developing Country Discounted (DCD) Membership

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DCD Membership shall be limited to individuals interested in the purposes of the Society and the study of benign pelvic visceral and musculoskeletal function and dysfunction and/or contributory or related sciences that impact on the medical conditions encompassed by these disciplines. Further, DCD Membership is only available to those employed in Low-Income, Lower-Middle-Income and Upper-Middle-Income Countries, as defined by the World Bank (https://datahelpdesk.worldbank.org/knowledgebase/articles/906519).

DCD Membership applications shall be reviewed by the Membership Committee, and must be approved by a majority of the members of the Membership Committee.  In the initial round of the Membership Drive, the Current Board of Directors will serve as the Membership Committee, until such time as that Committee is up and running.

DCD Voting Membership

Voting Membership includes faculty, members of industry, and others who have made research contributions to the fields of interest of the Society. Voting Members will typically have a PhD, but may have an MD only if their primary research is in the fields covered by membership eligibility and their career is based on basic or translational science research.

Each new applicant for Voting Membership must submit a current CV.  Renewing members need not submit a CV.

DCD Non-voting Membership

DCD Affiliate Memberships

DCD Clinician Affiliate Membership consists of MDs who are not primarily employed as basic or translational scientists in the fields subserved by the Society.

DCD Allied Affiliate Membership consists of associates, technicians, technologists and other research staff, nurses, physical therapists, and other allied health professionals.  This category also includes Industry Professionals who may not be active researchers (e.g. Scientific Liaisons and Management) or Non-PhD Research Personnel, and Government Employees (e.g. NIH, DOD, VA).

DCD Patient Advocate Affiliate Membership consists of patient advocates/experts and representatives from patient advocate societies/organizations that represent patients with pelvic disorders.  Applicants should be recognized as patient advocates or be able to demonstrate their representation from patient advocate societies/organizations.

DCD Trainee Membership

Trainee Membership consists of fellows, residents, post-doctoral researchers, graduate and medical students, and undergraduate trainees. Trainee Membership applications must also include a letter from the applicant’s Department Chair, Program Director or Direct Laboratory Supervisor stating that the applicant is a trainee/student in good standing in the program.

DCD Annual Dues (USD)

DCD Voting Membership annual dues are $75.00 per year

DCD Clinician Affiliate Membership annual dues are $62.50 per year

DCD Allied Affiliate Membership annual dues are $62.50 per year

DCD Patient Advocate Affiliate Membership annual dues are $50.00 per year

DCD Trainee Membership annual dues are $25.00 per year

For further information, please email us at membership@pelvicresearch.com

To Apply for New DCD Membership, please upload your information and current CV in the form below.

Upon acceptance by the Society, you may pay your membership dues securely

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us for instructions as to where to send a check or money order.

Current Members may renew directly (no need to fill out form) using the "Buy Now" buttons.

DCD Patient advocate - Affiliate Membership

DCD Voting Membership

DCD Clinician - Affiliate Membership

DCD Trainee membership

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DCD Allied - Affiliate Membership